Secure, scalable storage of personal genomic data

Woohoo, I’m now a published genomics scientist. My work from last summer with Zak Kohane of the Harvard Medical School is now available as a preliminary abstract at BMC Genomics.

We built the GenePING software, which extends the existing PING system to provide secure storage of large genomic data sets. So now you can get your genome sequenced and have it stored in a PING personal health record management system. Queries for individual mutations are fast, as the data is indexed. That wouldn’t be all that interesting, except that the data is also encrypted, including indexes, so that if a hard drive falls into the wrong hands, your data is still completely secure. Even the size of your record is secure, so that if you’re the sick person who happens to be fully sequenced, even that data is safe from prying eyes.

And best of all, the article is published under BMC’s open access policy, which means you can redistribute it far and wide without paying a dime, as long as you give Zak and me credit for the work. Here’s to open access science!





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