Peace in the Middle East: 200 soldiers outta do it

I’ve been so buried in thesis writing and editing work that I have not written about the war in the Middle East. I have strong opinions about it, which I will write about later, when my mind is not so full of crypto proofs. But there is one thing I need to say right now, so here goes.

200 men? Are you serious? After claiming that Israel’s reaction to Hezbollah was aberrant, after spearheading calls for a ceasefire, France is sending only 200 men to help stabilize the border? France is “worried about taking hits,” specifically from Iran and Syria whom they’re pressuring diplomatically. And they suddenly remembered that Hezbollah killed more than 50 French soldiers in Lebanon in 1983.

I guess when it comes to actually interacting with Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria away from the diplomatic negotiation table, no one is really all that interested in spearheading much of anything anymore. In that sense, Israel is indeed aberrant: they’re the only ones who actually have to deal with this stuff directly.





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