Go Vote

Election season is in full force. The TV programs, the newspapers, and a whole bunch of smart folks are telling you that voting machines are broken, that they won’t count your vote, that democracy can be hacked (thanks, HBO.) No doubt there are serious security issues with today’s voting machines. All of them, with or without paper trails. No doubt none of these issues will be fixed by Tuesday.

So, whatever you do, Go Vote. Because the only way you can be sure that your vote doesn’t count is if you let yourself be convinced to stay home. And if you’re inspired to help election reform, to get involved, then do so right after the election. Don’t forget about this until 2008. If you want to make a difference, the next cycle of work begins on Nov. 8th.

For now, Go Vote. Observe. Watch your election officials, almost all of whom will be hard at work trying to make sure your vote counts. Their job is incredibly tough, and it deserves at least a little bit of hands-on appreciation.






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