Election Season is Over… It’s time to design the next Voting System

You can’t design a voting system in the few months that precede an election. That’s why the year in between elections should be the most productive in designing new voting technology: no one from the press is paying attention, no one is rushing to merely patch their existing system, and opportunity abounds!

And so, if you have a good idea, you should submit it to the USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Conference, 2007. I’m on the program committee, and I’ll be particularly interested in new ways of making voting more universally verifiable while making it realistic enough to run an actual election. That’s not the only kind of paper that will get in, of course, as there is a fantastic and diverse program committee. From the web site:

EVT seeks to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines, ranging from computer science and human factors experts through political scientists, legal experts, election administrators, and voting equipment vendors. In addition to paper presentations, the workshop may include panel discussions with substantial time devoted to questions and answers. Attendance at the workshop will be open to the public, although talks and refereed paper presentations will be by invitation only.

The submission deadline is April 22nd, 2007.



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