CRYPTO Rump Session

The best part of the yearly CRYPTO conference is the Tuesday evening rump session, where I’m at right now. There was the Jean-Jacques Quisquater inimitable spoof presentation on attacking Enigma machines by putting them in the microwave, a fantastic Lessig-presentation-spoof by Hovav Shacham, and much more. It’s easy to forget that most cryptographers have a well developed sense of humor… and the Rump Session is a good reminder.

Oh you want to see it? It’s available live right now. I’m sure it will be archived when it’s all over, I’ll add a link when it is.

Oh, and I presented Helios, of course, with a live 4-minute demo. That was fun to present, hopefully fun to watch.

PS: oh boy, the Copacobana spoof, just as I was clicking “publish.” I guess you had to be there.





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