UCL Election Round 2: Speak Now or Forever Hold your Peace

The second round of the UCL Election just wrapped up.

The cast votes have been recorded, and here are their fingerprints in PDF form. If you have a problem with the way the election was run, for example if you were a voter and the correct tracking number does not appear next to your voter ID in that PDF, you have 24 hours to complain and update your vote. Speak now… or forever hold your peace. Because that document, even though it does not contain the full votes or the tally, locks down the result of the election: there’s no way for the election organizers, or me the author of the system, to change the result once that document has been published and agreed-upon.

Once again, the result is there, hidden within this document, but until the complaint period wraps up, the encrypted tally is computed, the trustees arrive, and the tally is jointly decrypted, we won’t know who won.





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