Solving the Gun Crisis: a modest proposal

I’m so impressed and inspired by the Parkland highschoolers fighting the NRA and urging common sense gun regulation. They’ve done so much more in 2 weeks than the rest of us combined in 2 decades. I will support them any way I can.

I’m worried about what happens next. The NRA isn’t going down without a fight. How do we get to a lasting solution that radically addresses our gun addiction while also finding a way for the NRA to win? I’m worried that if we don’t, they will simply come back harder and stronger, once gun regulation momentum wanes.

Here’s a modest proposal: what if we find a path to strict gun regulation, mandatory gun licensing, mandatory modern gun registry, and real liability around gun ownership modulated by mandatory gun ownership liability insurance. And what if we do that by giving gun manufacturers and the NRA that represents them a clear role and revenue opportunity in those regulations. Maybe the NRA can bless training programs and get a cut. Maybe licensing and registry can be managed by the NRA in some way. Maybe the gun manufacturers can run gun ownership insurance as an additional line of revenue.

There is an opportunity before us, thanks to the courage of these incredible kids, with the NRA on the ropes, to find a lasting path forward on gun regulation. It’ll be sustainable if we can involve the NRA, or it will be a transient victory if we naively expect the NRA to just wave the white flag. We have to remember that the NRA is really the gun manufacturers, that they care most about money.

It should be expensive to own a gun. Let’s make it so, and let’s give the NRA a cut.