New Things

So I defended successfully. I have a bit more writing to do, and I have a number of projects to wrap up cleanly here at MIT, but by end of August I’ll be done. It’s a bit crazy, really. My first day at MIT was 12 years ago. Since then, I have, in some way, always been associated with MIT. An undergrad, then a Master’s student, then on leave, then a PhD student. When I left MIT to go on leave, it was with the intent of eventually coming back. When I leave in August, though, it will be a final exit. These definitive transitions are fairly rare in life, I think.

Every exit is also an entrance, of course. Next Fall, I’ll be a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Research on Computation and Society. I’m very excited to be working with this fantastic team. I will continue work on voting, while spending a bit more of my time on applied cryptography issues like web security and semantic web security. That’s the plan, anyways, but the plan is very much subject to change. After all, this is research.

And since it’s always good to organize your changes into neat little bundles, I’m also moving all of my hosted sites (including this one) to WebFaction, which, so far, has been quite good to me. And I’m ditching Typo, the Rails-based blogging system, because it hasn’t been working well for me in terms of features and usability. So this blog now runs on WordPress, with all old URLs (including the feed) still working.

Here’s to new things….

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