Workshop on Privacy in Electronic Society (WPES)

The Call for Papers for the Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society 2007 is out:

ACM Workshop on Privacy in Electronic Society (WPES’07)

The need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has been widely recognized. This workshop discusses the problems related to privacy in the global interconnected society and their possible solutions. The 2007 Workshop, held in conjunction with the ACM CCS conference, is the sixth in a yearly forum for papers on all the different aspects of privacy in today’s electronic society.

The workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of electronic privacy, as well as experimental studies of fielded systems. We encourage submissions from other communities such as law and business that present these communities’ perspectives on technological issues.

The submission deadline is June 3rd, 2007.

I’m on the Program Committee, and I’m looking forward to seeing some fun papers! I presented Scratch & Vote at WPES 2006, though it was the only voting paper there. Maybe there’ll be more this year? I’m also looking forward to the web privacy category.





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