Resig on Chrome: it’s the Process Isolation, Stupid!

So Google launched their own browser, Chrome, and in the words of a friend “this looks like an operating system to my MBA eyes.” Exactly. John Resig, of jQuery fame, has the smartest comment so far:

The blame of bad performance or memory consumption no longer lies with the browser but with the site.

By implementing this feature a browser is completely deflecting all memory or performance criticism off to individual site owners (“Yikes, my browser is using 300MB of memory! Actually it’s just consuming 290MB of it, they should fix their web site!”). This is going to be a monumental shift in the responsibilities of web developers – and one that will serve the web better, as a whole.

Forget the JavaScript speed or UI arguments. Those are really cool, but not too difficult to duplicate in other browsers when the JavaScript engines themselves are open-source and typically modularized within the browser architecture. The process isolation of tabs? Not so easy to replicate without gutting your browser. So yeah, it’s the process isolation, stupid. John is right on.






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