The Economist Covers Voting

The Economist covers voting with cryptography, including some of my work. Good to see folks like the Economist paying attention… although the article misses the big point.

Voting with cryptography is not about making your vote more secret. It’s about making your vote more verifiable. For those who advocate traditional paper ballots, the point is that open-audit elections are significantly more verifiable. There’s a reason for the extra complexity, promised.

But since I spent 3 hours talking to Cyrus, the reporter, I blame myself as much as anyone for not getting that important point across.



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2 responses to “The Economist Covers Voting”

  1. Mike Avatar

    One could also say that cryptography allows us to verify aspects of voting while still keeping our individual votes secret.

  2. ben Avatar

    Mike: yes, that’s exactly right, and Cyrus got it right in his Salon piece.

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