a personal update

Tomorrow (Jan 31st) is my last day on the Research Faculty at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston. It’s been a fantastic ride thanks entirely to the folks with whom I had the pleasure of working, in particular Zak Kohane and Ken Mandl. Ultimately, I finally noticed what was staring me in the face: I love building software systems, and the right place for me to do that now is industry. I’m no stranger to it, and I’m excited to be back.

I’m taking two weeks off. I won’t be blogging or tweeting (much). I’ll be digging into a very thoughtful gift just received (what timing!): the Flour Bakery recipe book. If you live in Boston and you haven’t been to Flour, you’re simply missing out (or you don’t like baked goods, which is just too sad to think about.) This week’s goal, currant scones. Should be at least interesting, maybe delicious.

As to what I’m doing next… that’s for a blog post to be written 2 weeks from now. I’ve had some fantastic discussions with amazing people these last few weeks, and there are a few more conversations to be had before the picture is truly filled in. See you on the flip side of a few days spent with family and friends.






2 responses to “a personal update”

  1. Dan Connolly Avatar

    what a cliffhanger! color me curious as to what’s coming next…

  2. Lucy Hadden Avatar
    Lucy Hadden

    All the best from a fellow former CHIPer.

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