In a few days, I’ll be joining Mozilla.

What started as a fun lunch with Sid and Alex quickly turned into passionate brainstorming with Mike, Pascal, and Lloyd on the Mozilla Labs team. I told them I wanted to deeply explore a few ideas I’ve written about and prototyped (here and here, for example) and more importantly to work on making the browser a true user agent working on behalf of the user. Mozilla folks are not only strongly aligned with that point of view, they’ve already done quite a bit to make it happen. Check out Mike Hanson’s post just a few days ago on using Web Applications for Service Discovery. And check out what the entire team just released: Open Web Apps. Not to mention the less closely related but still totally awesome work Sid and Alex are doing with Do Not Track. This is the first effort I know of that is successfully using technology to declare a preference (“please don’t track me”), which can then be leveraged by policy makers to ensure that it is respected. As a long-time student of the interplay between tech and policy, I love this hack.

My job will be to join this fantastic team and see what I can contribute. I suspect that will involve some privacy, some crypto, some data portability, and a lot of web hacking. I’ll continue to blog here at, though when I speak here I’m speaking for myself only, not on behalf of my soon-to-be employer. And I’ll continue to hack a bit on Helios, my voting system, especially as it continues to inform how one might do advanced crypto in a web browser.

I’m super excited.






6 responses to “benadida@mozilla”

  1. Dan Brickley Avatar

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have great fun…

  2. Alex Fowler Avatar

    We are super excited to have you join the team. Congratulations!

  3. Dan Connolly Avatar

    Finally, the exciting conclusion!

    That was a long two weeks. 😉

    Congrats. I look forward to seeing what comes of this.

  4. Jim Adler Avatar

    Congrats Ben! Great to have someone with your experience, knowledge, and (frankly) consumer sensibilities contribute to such a key piece of Internet architecture. Now I can sleep a bit easier =)

  5. Manny Hernandez Avatar

    Congrats, man!!! I am honored to know you.

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