Wombat Voting: Open Audit Elections in Israel

My friend Alon Rosen is leading an effort with colleagues Amon Ta-Shma, Ben Riva, and Yoni Ben-Nun in Israel to implement and deploy in-person open-audit voting. The project is called Wombat Voting. It combines a number of existing cryptographic techniques in a very nice package. Oh, and they’ve implemented it and used it to run a 2000+ voter election, with apparently a few more elections in the pipeline. There’s a ton of press about them.

Here’s how it works:

Voters use an intuitive, touch-screen interface, receive a paper ballot they can physically cast in a transparent ballot box, and they get a physical encrypted receipt they can take home to make sure their vote actually counted. It’s awesome.

I’m extremely excited to see more truly verifiable voting systems implemented and deployed. Slowly but surely, we will get to a point where voting is truly auditable and democracy is actually verified. Israel, a high-tech democracy with engaged citizens, is a perfect place to get this kind of system going.







3 responses to “Wombat Voting: Open Audit Elections in Israel”

  1. Eduardo Robles Elvira Avatar
    Eduardo Robles Elvira

    Congrats to the Wombat Voting Team, it is very interesting project with a really nice user interface, clean web page and easy to understand introductory video.

  2. Ralf Muschall Avatar
    Ralf Muschall

    There is one important question that I couldn’t find in the FAQ or elsewhere: A voting system handing out receipts must *prove* that it is impossible for the voter to prove to somebody else how he voted, otherwise coercion would become a possibility.
    Edit: Point 7 in the FAQ seems to indicate that the system precludes this.

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