In about a month, I’ll be starting at Square as a Tech Lead on a new project. I’m incredibly excited for a few key reasons:

  1. team: oodles of amazingly sharp people. The interview process was simply amazing, both in how much it forced me to demonstrate as an engineer and in how much I learned about the existing team. I know I’m going to learn a ton. It’s also really nice to see Square’s engineering team contributing significant open-source code.
  2. product: it’s hard to think of a more product-focused company. The Square products (Register, Wallet, Cash, Market) are amazing. The focus on user experience is central to every conversation, and it shows.
  3. mission: Square wants to make commerce easy for businesses of all sizes. This translates in particular into major opportunities for small businesses. And this, in my mind, is what technology is for: to empower the little guys.

For the first time in a long time, my job will require a bit of secrecy. That will be an interesting adjustment for me. On this blog, I’ll continue to write what I think — not what my employer thinks — about technology, policy, etc.

For now, back to vacation. Square team: see you mid August!






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  1. Casey Oppenheim Avatar
    Casey Oppenheim

    Congrats Ben! Square seems like a great company, and they’re lucky to have you.

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