Privacy and Social Networks

I worry a lot about privacy. The first half of this short video about the privacy policy of is great (the second half is a bit too much of a six-degrees-of-separation game to associate with the CIA). What’s particularly interesting is that, when is discussed in the press, there is rarely any mention of its privacy policy, so it’s interesting to see someone shine a light on it. Bottom line: there are very few people interested in actually protecting your privacy. I doubt privacy protection will come from market forces. With cryptography, we have the technology to ensure privacy while enabling information exchange. But who’s going to deploy it? I don’t know of a good answer, and that’s a bit worrisome.



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2 responses to “Privacy and Social Networks”

  1. […] been Google’s weakness, and Microsoft is about to exploit it. A few days ago, I wondered who would have the incentive to deploy privacy? It seems maybe Microsoft will, and may use it as a competitive advantage. Google will have to […]

  2. […] I also spent a bit of time on privacy, pointing out that, what teenagers do online today will likely haunt them forever, whereas whatever I did when I was 15 is basically for me and a handful of friends to vaguely remember. I hope that point came across, because this is the first generation that will have to live with their Facebook profiles for the rest of their lives (see my previous comments on Facebook privacy.) […]

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